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Nominations: Pushcart Prize and Best Small Fictions 2021

It’s that time of year again! As always, we are nominating from our winners in the Bath Flash Award over the year – fictions selected by our judges Santino Prinzi, Mary Jane Holmes and Nod Ghosh. We are allowed to nominate six stories for the Pushcart Prize and five for Best Small Fictions. Many congratulations and best wishes to all!

You can link below to read all these stories and they will also be published on December 4th in our 2020 Bath Flash Fiction anthology Restore to Factory Settings, pictured here, which will be available to buy from Ad Hoc Fiction, Amazon and Waterstones, UK.

Pushcart prize,

Sea Change by Fiona Perry, first prize flash fiction, selected by Mary Jane Holmes in our June 2020 Award.
The White Dwarf, Jan Kaneen, third prize winner, selected by Nod Ghosh for the October Award.
The reallocation of a child’s atoms by Jim Toal, commended by Nod Ghosh in the October Award.
The Man You Didn’t Marry by Sam Payne,third prize in our June 2020 Award, selected by Mary Jane Holmes
The Price of Gingerbread, by Stephanie Carty commended in our February Award by Santino Prinzi
Our fathers, who we have strewn like seaweed behind us by Alison Powell, commended in our October Award by Nod Ghosh

Best Small Fictions 2021
Eight Spare Bullets, by Sharon Telfer first prize selected by Santino Prinzi in our February 2020 Award
The Dissolution of Peter McCaffrey by Simon Cowdroysecond prize selected by Santino Prinzi in our February 2020 Award
Blessings, 1849, first prize selected by Nod Ghosh in our October 2020 Award
The species of pangolin compromise their own order:Pholidota, by Hannah Storm, second prize in our June 2020 Award, selected by Mary Jane Holmes
Mother,Before, by Tara Isabel Zambrano second prize in our October 2020 Award selected by Nod Ghosh

Note: We can’t nominate for Best Microfictions as they just accept stories published online and not in anthologies.

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Nomination Time!

It’s that time of year again and we’re getting in our BestMicro Fiction and Pushcart Prize nominations at the last minute.

This year Best MicroFiction is just accepting micros from online publications/magazines not print anthologies so we are very happy to nominate four of the 2019 winners from the Ad Hoc Fiction weekly micro competitions. Congratulations and Best wishes to the authors of the four stories! You can read all of them on the Ad Hoc Fiction winners’ pages (under Adhoc Fun).

Best Microfiction Nominations
‘Booted’ by Linda Grierson-Irish
‘This is Why Grown-ups Buy Torches’ by Richard Kemp
‘The Night the Fishmonger’s Van Reverses into the Youth Club Pop-Up Disco and Shifts Debbi”s World’ by Louise Mangos
‘Time Will Say Nothing But I told You So’ by Alison Woodhouse

We’ve selected our limit of six Pushcart Prize Nominations from the three single-author collections our small press Ad Hoc Fiction, published this year: Finding A Way by Diane Simmons; All That is Between Us by K.M.Elkes and the everrumble by Michelle Elvy and the three first prize winners from our 2019 Bath Flash Fiction Awards. Congratulations and Best of luck to all six authors. You can buy the single author collections on the Ad Hoc Fiction online bookshop and on Kindle. And read the Bath Flash winners on this site on the winners’ pages.

Pushcart Prize Nominations:
‘Six Months Yesterday’ by Diane Simmons
‘The King of Throwaway Island’ by K.M. Elkes
‘Pressure Drop or: Sea World, August 1971, Part 2’ by Michelle Elvy
‘Candy Girls’ by Christina Dalcher
‘Cleft’ by Gaynor Jones
‘Angie’ by Marissa Hoffmann

Nominations for Best Small Fictions coming later on

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