Nominations 2018-2019

We like to nominate winners’ stories from the Bath Flash Fiction Awards and the Ad Hoc Fiction winners for yearly anthologies and awards. Authors nominated by us have done very well. This year,’Tying the Boats’ by Amanda O’Callaghan, the first prize winner,from the June 2017 Award selected by judge Meg Pokrass was included in Best Small Fictions 2018 and The Hand That Weilds The Priest by first prize winner, Emily Devane, from the February 2017 Award, judged by Kathy Fish, was included in the long list out of thousands of submissions. ‘Roll and Curl‘, by Ingrid Jendrzejewski first prize winner in the February 2016 round judged by Tania Hershman was longlisted for Best Small Fictions 2017 out of a similar number of submissions, as was ‘White Matter’ by Julianna Holland, which won third prize in the October 2016 round judged by Robert Vaughan. Henry Peplow’s micro ‘Zeus Falls to Earth’, winner of Ad Hoc Fiction in June 2016 was also included in the Best Small Fictions 2017 longlist. Finally, we nominated Charmaine Wilkerson’s novella-in-flash How to Make A Window Snake for the novella category in the Saboteur Awards 2018, and it won the Award.

This year, two new opportunities to nominate stories have arisen. The Best Microfiction 2019 anthology co-edited by Meg Pokrass and Gary Fincke for stories 400 words or fewer published in 2018 and the Best 50 Flash Fictions from Britain and Ireland 2018-2019 organised by TSS. We’re also looking forward to nominating our winning authors again for Best Small Fictions 2019. See which stories we’ve currently nominated below.

For the Best Micro Fiction anthology, we are allowed to submit up to eight fictions each from Bath Flash Fiction Award and Ad Hoc Fiction by the end of 2018. And we have selected some stories already. More to come. And the same goes for the Best 50. Some now and more to come. So here they are:

Best Microfiction 2019 Nominations selected  from Bath Flash Fiction Award Winners

Things Left And Found by The Side of The Road by Jo Gatford

Why Shit Is Still Like This Around Here and Probably Always Will Be by Molia Dumbleton

Satin Nightwear for Women Irregular by Elisabeth Ingram Wallace

Extremities by Ken Elkes

The Undertakers’ Jolly by Conor Haughton

Northern Lights by Tim Craig

We’ll select the last two from the winners of the October 2018 Award, judged by Nuala O’Connor.

 Best Microfiction 2019 nominations selected from Ad Hoc Fiction Winners:

Five nominations now, and we’ll choose 3 more by the end of the year.

20 Seconds During an Earthquake in Walnut, California by  John Brantingham

Sinking by Karen Jones

Peat by Angela Readman

Mutability by Alison Woodhouse

A Brief History of Time in our House by Steven John

We’ll be submitting the fictions from Britain and Ireland included in the list above for the Best Flash Fiction top fifty stories from Britain and Ireland by the end of their submission period.

Best wishes to all the writers.

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