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California Continuum by John Brantingham and Grant Hier

CALIFORNIA CONTINUUM, VOLUME 1: MIGRATIONS AND AMALGAMATIONS is “a nonlinear look at little discussed aspects of the history of California. Hier and Brantingham look as far back as California’s geologic past, fast forwarding to the age of the mastodons, then to the time when only Native Americans inhabited this land and finally to the present age.”

Review by Damhnait Monaghan
Last year at the Flash Fiction Festival, I attended a brilliant workshop on ‘Extraordinary Points of View’ led by American poets and flash fiction writers, John Brantingham and Grant Hier. My notes from their session contain many gems, including this tip for writing flash fiction: ‘cut straight to the character’s humanity.’

Brantingham and Hier have done just that in their recently published collection California Continuum (Pelekinesis, 2019). The characters in this collection are varied: a Japanese boy being sent to an internment camp; the daughter of a concentration camp survivor; gun crazy (and gun shy) boys; indigenous people of the distant past; and Mexican, Vietnamese, and other immigrants to California. Yet with all of them, we are taken right to the core of their thoughts and feelings. Read in Full

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Flash Fiction ‘Noir’
Evening of Readings

Sat. 25th November 
7.30 pm – 9.30 pm
late bar, free snacks
St James’ Wine Vaults
10 St James St

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A special November event in honour of NaMicroWrimo – National Micro Writing Month – where you’re challenged to write a flash each day for the month of November.

Now the nights are drawing in, come and listen to some darker-themed flash fictions. A variety of styles of short short fiction from two of our regulars Meg Pokrass and KM Elkes and four other guest readers – Damhnait Monaghan, Christopher Stanley, Jason Jackson and John Wheway. All writers will be reading for ten minutes each. There’s a break in the middle to buy drinks at the bar.

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