Best of the Net Nominations, 2024

Nomination season begins again! We always nominate the top prize winning flash fictions for Awards and with the Best of The Net opportunity we’re eligible to submit two stories. We’ll be able to nominate for Best Small Fictions 2024 and The Pushcart Prize later in the year but
for now it’s a pleasure to nominate two fantastic flash fictions for Best of the Net 2024, the first and second prize winning stories from the June 2023 Award selected by our 24th Award judge, Tim Craig.

The stories are Remembered Yellow by ‘William Davidson’ and
‘Failure to Thrive’ by Sara Hills.

Best wishes to both writers!

And here's a quote from the submissions page for 'Best of the Net', describing the enterprise, which has been offering opportunities to writers and artists since 2006.

The Best of the Net is an awards-based anthology designed to grant a platform to a diverse and growing collection of writers and publishers who are building an online literary landscape that seeks to break free of traditional publishing. This space has been created to bring greater respect to the continually expanding world of exceptional digital publishing.

The Best of the Net Anthology began in 2006, a project created by Sundress Publications (with special thanks to founding editor Erin Elizabeth Smith), to gather communities of online literary magazines, journals, and individuals that do the work of creating our digital literary landscape. We believe this effort is integral in decentering the literary canon as well as promoting and amplifying voices that are imperative to good literature, responsible culture, and the understanding of today’s social climate. We cherish these writers and publishers and hold digital publishing in high regards as a medium that creates access to a greater array of voices than the traditional publishing climate has allowed.

And a reminder for you. The 25th Award, which is judged this time by one of our nominees, Sara Hills closes a week on Sunday (8th October). Stories up to 300 words. £1460. Anthology publication to 50 stories on the longlist. Results out by the end of October.

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