2022 Saboteur Awards Voting Open!

In the 2021 Saboteur Awards, our authors and Ad Hoc Fiction our small indie press were shortlisted in five categories: best novella; best short story single author collection; best anthology; most innovative publisher and best literary festival. It gives us a lovely boost to get public votes for our endeavours. So if you have come on any events we’ve sponsored since March 2021 or read and liked any of the books published in this time period, we’d love you to vote in these categories again. Anyone from around the world can use the form linked here and vote for one author, event or publisher. We’re eligible in all the same categories as last year. You have to vote for three categories minimum.

    For the novella category, Ad Hoc Fiction, our short fiction press, has published eleven novellas-in-flash. Some marvellous books to choose from. Ten shortlisted from the Bath Flash Fiction 2021 Novella in Flash Awards and one from 92 year old author, Ruth Skrine.

      Season of Bright Sorrow by David Swann
      One for the River by Tom 0’Brien
      The Tony Bone Stories by Al Kratz
      Small Things by Hannah Sutherland
      Things I Can’t Tell Amma, Sudha Balagopal
      Hairy on the Inside, Tracy Fells
      A Family of Great Falls, Debra A Daniel
      The Death and Life of Mrs Parker, Jupiter Jones
      The Listening Project, Ali McGrane
      Kipris, Michelle Christophorou

Echoes in a Hollow Space, Ruth Skrine

    For the most innovative publisher do cast your vote for our small press Ad Hoc Fiction who published a total of 18 books in 2021. Plus Jude has hosted many different launches for the books. Thank you!
    For the short story collection category. The Evolution of Birds by award-winning writer, Sara Hills is a stunning collection of flash fiction stories, published by Ad Hoc Fiction, last July. If you have read and liked it, I am sure she would appreciated your support.
    For the Best Literary Festival, it would be such a wonderful thing to get your votes for our series of festival days. Ten of them lhosted by Jude Higgins, director of Flash Fiction Festivals,since March 2021, The two series were called The Great Festival Flash Off and the Great Festival Throwdown Days with a whole day each time packed with workshops,contests, talks and readings from worldwide writers. If you’ve come to any and enjoyed the day it would be fantastic to get your vote. To distinguish it from other online flash fiction festivals, you could call it The Great Festival Flash Off Series on the voting form.

For the Best Anthology, If you liked Snow Crow, the anthology from the three Bath Flash Fiction Awards in 2021, which was published by Ad Hoc Fiction in December, 2021, we’d love your vote for this book of 135 fabulous flash fiction stories.

Finally, If you would like to vote for Best Reviewer, we’re giving our vote to Judy Darley, who throughout last year reviewed very many of the Ad HOc Fiction published books so thoughtfully.

Thank you everyone! We appreciate your support!

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