Snow Crow, the 6th Bath Flash Fiction Anthology, published!

We’re thrilled that Ad Hoc Fiction has now published Snow Crow the sixth yearly Bath Flash Fiction Award Anthology! 136 flash fictions 300 words or under from the longlist of the three 2021 Awards. All the authors, from around a dozen different countries, are listed below. The Awards were judged this year by Charmaine Wilkerson, K.M.Elkes and Sharon Telfer and extracts from their reports are quoted on the back cover and the foreword. So many fantastic stories to read! The title and the striking cover design this year are inspired by our October winner’s story, by US based writer, Doug Ramspeck, which you can read here, along with Doug’s interview about the story.

We’d love to see pictures from the contributors when the anthologies arrive in their location. Either posed with snow, or crows or anything else! Here Jude’s copy is perched on a hedge with a crow (or maybe its cousin, a raven) looking down.

Snow Crow is available from Ad Hoc Fiction or in paperback from Amazon.

Authors within the book

Abigail Barker,Alexis Boddy,Alison Wassell,Alison Woodhouse,Amanda McLeod,Amy Barnes,Amy Mackrill,Amy Stewart,Andrew Stancek,Anne Howkins Anne Summerfield Antoinette Bauer,Audrey Niven,Bahar Razaghi,Barbara Diggs, Bernadette Stott,Carl Stevens
Catherine Deery,Catherine Edmunds,Cathrin Hagey,Charise de Becker,Chauna Craig,Chloe Banks,Christine Collinson,Claire Carroll,Claire Penna,Conor Montague,Dara Elerath,Debra A Daniel,Denny Jace,Dettra Rose,Diane Simmons,Doug Ramspeck,Elena Croitoru,Elizabeth Edelglass
Emma Kentish,Emma NealeEmma Phillips,Finnian Burnett,Fiona J. Mackintosh,Francis McCrickard,Freda Churches,Geeta Sanker.Georgiana S Nelsen,Gina Headden,Hillary Rose,Isabella Mead,Jason Jackson,Jayne Martin,Jo Gatford,Johanna Robinson,John Brantingham,Jupiter Jones,K.S. Lokensgard,Karen Jones,Karen Vallerius,Kate Carne,Kathryn Aldridge-Morris,Kathy Hoyle,Katie Hale,Keely O’shaughnessy,Keith S. Wilson,Ken Shirley,Kinneson Lalor,Kirsty Seymour-Ure,Kristen Loesch,L.J. Moss,Laura Kyle,Lauren Collett,Laurie Marshall,Leonie Rowland,Lily Peters,Lottie Hazell,Lucy Lasasso,Lyn Ellis,M Casseem,Madeline Anthes,Maria A. Ioannou,Maria Jackson,Marissa Hoffmann,Mark Left,Marsha D Rappley,Mary Francis,MaxieJane Frazier,Melissa Bowers,Michael Salander,Molly Lanzarotta,Morgan Quinn,Natalie Warther,Neil Clark,Nicholas P. Murray Nick Petty,Nicola Godlieb,Peter Davison,Philippa Maughan,Rachel J Fenton
Rebecca Netley,Regan Puckett,Rhys Jones,Rob Swain,Robert Barrett,Rosaleen Lynch,Rose San Jose,Ruth Skrine,Sage Tyrtle,Salena Casha
Sally Bothroyd,Sally Vanns,Sam Payne,Sara Hills,Sarah Ann Winn,Sarah Reader Harris,Saskia McCracken,Simon Cowdroy,Slawka G.Scarso,Sophie Goldsworthy,Steven John,Tea Vatsadze,Terri Mullholland.Tom 0’Brien, Tim Craig,Tracey Slaughter,Tze Chua

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