Bath Flash Fiction Award Nominations, 2022

We’ve made our choices for Best Small Fictions, 2022 and The Push Cart Prize from among the wonderful winning and placed stories from the three Bath Flash Fiction Awards this year. Best wishes to all!
Our end of year Bath Flash Fiction Award anthology will be published this month by Ad Hoc Fiction and you will be able to read all the stories we’ve nominated in the book as well as on this website. All stories linked here.
Note: We’re not able to select for Bestmicrofictions as that anthology is for stories that are published in magazines only and are not published or forthcoming in a paperback print book.

Lucky four leaf clover photograph by Dustin Humes, Unsplash

Pushcart Prize Nominations
Let Them Eat First by Geeta Sanker
Reasons You Married A Woman Called Rose by Leonie Rowland
Strong Like Carp by Emma Phillips
Car Trouble, Spartansburg, August 2002 by K.S. Lokensgard
That’s All There is There Ain’t No More by Tim Craig
On Rannoch Moor by Audrey Niven.

Best Small Fictions nominations
Snow Crow by Doug Ramspleck
The Button Wife by Dara Yen Elerath
The Mothers by Jo Gatford
Now You See Him by Tim Craig
Always Down A Dirt Road I am Walking by Sara Hills

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