June 2024 Long List

Congratulations to all the authors who have made our Award long list and huge thanks to all who entered.

Author names are yet to be announced, so while it is fine to share that you are on the long list, we do ask that you do not identify yourself with your particular fiction at this stage.

We receive many many entries, and occasionally some entries have the same title. We have sent an offer of publication email to all authors on the long list. Please do not assume you are on the long list unless you have received that publication offer. If in doubt, contact us.

Twenty-seventh Bath Flash Fiction Award Long List
Title Author
A Cock Among the Bathers tba
A not-so super position tba
Another time tba
Belonging tba
Best Day Ever tba
Cactus Stream of Consciousness at Earthly Paradise Retirement Centre tba
Chips tba
Coco Chunnel tba
Coffee cup tba
Cornered tba
Country Roads tba
Cow Tools tba
Driving my Seven-Year Old Nephew to Visit His Mother at Rehab tba
Epilogue for Baldwin IV of Jerusalem tba
Great Tits tba
I have never drowned, not literally tba
In Response to the Fifth Rent Hike tba
In the end we will always exist tba
Le Chic tba
Lucille tba
‘Naders tba
No Room for Love tba
On Friday Nights in May I Sit Quietly with a Friend tba
Orson Welles tba
Pants tba
Paradise tba
Platinum Plus tba
Post Vital tba
Prognosis tba
Scavengers tba
Sisyphus with a thimble tba
Skeuomorph tba
Standing Still tba
Subcutaneous tba
Targetted Programming tba
The Beast tba
The Bee tba
The Believers tba
The Cherry Tree tba
The Chiropractor’s Birthday Party tba
The gap tba
The Last Cooper tba
The Prodigal of Mangamutu tba
The story we will one day never tire of telling you tba
The Trichologist’s Lament tba
The View tba
They Say There Are No Questions Asked tba
We need to talk about home scars tba
When My Skin Became Paper tba
Where It Counts tba

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