February 2021 Long List

Congratulations to all the authors who have made our Award long list and huge thanks to all who entered.

Seventeenth Bath Flash Fiction Award Long List
Title Author
1902 Regan Puckett
Always Down a Dirt Road, I’m Walking Sara Hills
Astronomy for Beginners Sam Payne
Beasts of London Rob Swain
Cafeteria Rick White
Car Trouble Spartanburg, August 2002 K.S. Lokensgard
Closed captions at the ready Kinneson Lalor
Couch Johanna Robinson
Cover photo Nicholas P. Murray
Diapause Maria Jackson
Duct Tape Rosaleen Lynch
East Germany, 1979 Sage Tyrtle
Fairest of them all Emma Kentish
For the past, who will say it? Marissa Hoffmann
Gravediggers Conor Montague
If Stories Could Save Us Alison Woodhouse
Inheritance Carl Stevens
Jellyfish Natalie Warther
Judge us Marsha D Rappley
Just Dessert Cathrin Hagey
Let Them Eat First Geeta Sanker
Meeting the parents in five minutes Slawka G. Scarso
Men Are Useless at Choosing Outfits for Important Occasions Jupiter Jones
Mr Rebecca Netley
Mr Tanaka gets some rest Nick Petty
Next-Door Charlie and Carol in Winter Jason Jackson
Nora’s Daughter Saskia McCracken
Now You See Him Tim Craig
Pandora Gets Feminism, Age Ten Emma Neale
Pants on Fire Karen Vallerius
Parts And Something Else David Odibo
Rot Neil Clark
Shadow of a Man Tom O’Brien
Simplest story of something about Nothing Tea Vatsadze
Skunk Stripe Tze Chua
Sometimes You Walk Right In Barbara Diggs
Strictly Ballroom Freda Churches
The Bite Rose San Jose
The Chaperone Antoinette Bauer
The Gleaming Beauty of the Season Claire Carroll
The Letter from the Home Office Gail Anderson
The Pink Flowers of the Christmas Cactus Rise Gina Headden
the story where you’re kept Tracey Slaughter
Things Everyone Knows About Lorna Karen Jones
Things The Developers Didn’t Know About The Cave
On Gorse Hill When They Filled It In To Build Route 67
Amanda McLeod
Upstairs Downstairs Sarah Reader Harris
We Are Not Victorians Rachel J Fenton
White Dogs Hillary Rose
Yolk in the Straw Andrew Stancek

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