‘Finding A Way’ by Diane Simmons, shortlisted for the Saboteur Awards 2019

We’re thrilled that Finding A Way, Diane Simmons flash fiction collection, published by our short-short press, Ad Hoc Fiction has been shortlisted for the Saboteur Awards. We suggested you might like to nominate her if you enjoyed the book and thank you very much to everyone who did this.Voting is now open to find the winner. Please do vote for Diane again on the new shortlist voting form saying why you liked it.

Diane’s book was launched in February in Bath and online and is selling well via the Ad Hoc Fiction bookshop where you can buy it in paperback in several different currencies, in ebook formats on Kindle and Nook and in Moorland Road Bookshop, in Bath, where it is a best-seller. There are already many five star reviews on Amazon, our own Bookshop review pages, on Goodreads and one on Saboteur Reviews. We have included quotes from some of these reviews below :

“Diane Simmons writes with deceptive simplicity about complex emotions. This collection navigates a sea of loss which is so vast, so devastating, that it is incomprehensible to most of us. The writing is assured and deft, and the work as a whole is skilfully crafted.” Amanda H.

“This is a perfectly balanced collection that explores loss and grief in stories that are deceptive in their simplicity and domesticity.” Rachael D.

“What struck me most was the way the loss of Becky was shown so poignantly in everyday situations the reader can recognise and imagine, yet without a trace of self-pity.” Joanna C.

“Diane Simmons has also succeeded brilliantly in ensuring that each individual stand-alone flash flows seamlessly into the next to create a full and satisfying narrative. The care and technical mastery required to do this is considerable, and I take my hat off to her. This gentle, aching, masterly collection with its beautifully crafted ending will stay with me for a long time.” Fiona M.

“Diane Simmons is an immensely talented and accomplished writer. The apparent simplicity of the stories and the pared backed language Diane uses makes their impact on the reader all the greater.” Emma T.

You can hear her reading some of these stories on her You Tube page.

One of Diane’s stories in Finding A Way was short listed in the October 2017 Bath Flash Fiction Award from over 900 entries by David Swann, judge for that round. David referred to the story as a “small treasure” and, in his judge’s report, wrote “it’s a superb piece, written with true emotional intelligence.”

We agree with the last reviewer quoted here that this “exceptional book receives the acclaim it deserves.” We’d love Diane to take home the short story category trophy We also love the idea of another book of flash fictions winning a category in this year’s Saboteur Awards. Last year, Charmaine Wilkerson won the novella category with her brilliant novella-in-flash, How To Make A Window Snake’ Our anthology ‘ Lobster’s Run Free ‘ was longlisted in last year’s award. And with this short listing, Diane is further helping to put flash fiction firmly on the map in the UK and beyond. Find out more about her and her other successes on her website. And for more support, go along to the Award Ceremony on Saturday May 18th where all winners will be announced.

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