June 2016 Award Long List

Congratulations to all who made it through to our long list, and huge thanks to everyone who entered from all around the globe.

Third Bath Flash Fiction Award Long List
Fiction Title Author
A party Linda Irish
A Four Course Menu Thomas O’Shea
Boobless Anita MacCallum
But Company all the Same Ronan Carton
Cabin Pressure Sharon Telfer
Can fish swim in coffee? James Watkins
Castle Street Barbers Daniel Louden
Chatterbox Sharon Bennett
Chips Dominic Carter
Cigarettes and Sidewalks Lindy MacDonald
Cirque du Tadis Damayanti Biswas
Congregation Reuben Andrews
Eggs and Pickles and Too Much Candy Jennifer Tucker
Faces Spencer Chou
Falkland Island Walk Michael FitzGerald
Fiddling in Sinnott’s Michael Grierson
Flash James Harris
Fruity Elisabeth Ingram Wallace
George and Mary Madeleine Streater
Let Love There Be Karen North
New Beginnings Withdrawn
October 29th, 1.17am Sheila Armstrong
Papercraft for Parents R.L. Wilson
Pretty enough and Prettier than Many D.R.D. Bruton
Rags, Riches Shelley Wood
Rather Than Peru Sally Jubb
Red Gingham Sheila Windsor
Screwed Rosalind Minett
Sean’s light Roger Vickery
Second Flight of the Mistle Thrush Sarah Baxter
She woke up one morning and left a note Joanna Matthews
Skylight Sally Jubb
Swastika and stethoscope Shahed Yousaf
Swimming Pool Christine Alderman
Tarantella Stacy Burns
Tattoo James Emmett
Tearful John Saul
Terra Incognita Sharon Telfer
The Experiment Miriam Ropschitz
The Owl and the Pussy-Cat Roger Vickery
The Senses of Oil City Men Brianna Snow
The Baby Came Early Screaming Elisabeth Ingram Wallace
Three Scenes from a Tropical Island Charmaine Wilkerson
Tonight’s the Night Susan Borgersen
Twinkle, Twinkle Ahaa Jan
Whatever the Weather Kathy Stevens
Wherefore migrate the shoals of Sardine? Anupa Lewis
An Ordinary White Index Card Nick Black
Witness Madeleine Streater
Words are the enemy Damayanti Biswas


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