Ad Hoc Fiction
Fifty-Two Weeks of Flash

In case you don’t know Ad Hoc Fiction – it’s our free and easy-to-enter weekly micro competition for pieces of up to 150 words. Longlisted stories are published on the website in an ebook and the winners are chosen by public vote. We’re also open to submissions of illustrations for the winning stories.

Nick Black from the UK who has since won the competition again, was our first Ad Hoc Fiction winner on 22nd April, 2015 with his micro, Positive and Negative. This Wednesday, 20th April, 2016, we’ve published the fifty second winner Telegraph by Sharon Telfer.

Thank you to those who have contributed throughout the year – both new writers and our regular entrants who all help to create such a varied ebook. We’d also like to thank the artists who have generously given their time and illustrated nineteen of the stories so beautifully. Finally, our thanks goes to everyone who reads and votes for their favourite flash fictions each week.

So far, winners have come from twelve different countries – the UK, US, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, India, Spain, France, Australia, Austria, the Netherlands and South Africa

Our intention in launching free-to-enter Ad Hoc Fiction was to spread the word about flash fiction and make it accessible to writers from around the globe. We think it’s hit the spot.

  • Ad Hoc Fiction’s birthday gift to you

For Ad Hoc’s birthday, our web developer has newly installed a what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor to craft and present your writing just how you want. Features include auto-save, edit undo-redo, preview and pdf or hard-copy printing. If it’s published, your piece will end up perfectly formatted on the read and vote ebook. There, readers can choose to read in sans or serif type-faces, adjust the size of the font, and align text to their taste. We hope you love the editor as much as we do and feel encouraged to write more.

  • And on our wish list

If you’re an Ad Hoc Fiction fan, we’d love you to nominate Ad Hoc for the Saboteur Awards, 2016. Nominations close this week on 24th April and voting takes place from 1-24th May.

The Saboteur Review magazine promotes new literature which has usually been published in journals or magazines. The editors publish reviews of poetry, novellas, flash fiction, short stories, anthologies and fiction events. Each year (since 2011), to mark their own birthday, they give out awards to different publications. The winners get a badge and much kudos. There’s also a birthday party. Public vote determines the short list and the winners and there are different categories. We think we fall under the new Best Wildcard category.

  • And not forgetting: Win Ad Hoc Fiction to win a prize in Bath Flash Fiction Award

If you win Ad Hoc Fiction you get a free entry to Bath Flash Fiction Award and a chance to win a prize from a fund of £1400 every four months. In our inaugural award, Ad Hoc Fiction winner, Eileen Merriman, went on to win £300 and second prize with her free entry, and Nick Black was short listed. In our second award, Ad Hoc Fiction winners, Nick Black (UK) Ruth Tamiatto (UK) and Jessica Franken (US) were longlisted and Sharon Telfer (UK) was short listed.

Thank you so much for all your energy and support over the past year. Here’s looking forward to the next fifty-two weeks of flash.

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