February 2024 Long List

Congratulations to all the authors who have made our Award long list and huge thanks to all who entered.

Author names are yet to be announced, so while it is fine to share that you are on the long list, we do ask that you do not identify yourself with your particular fiction at this stage.

We receive many many entries, and occasionally some entries have the same title. We are in the process of sending an offer of publication email to all authors on the long list. Please do not assume you are on the long list unless you have received that publication offer. If in doubt, contact us.

Twenty-sixth Bath Flash Fiction Award Long List
Title Author
A Palimpsest of Cheerleaders tba
A Question of Questions tba
A Swarm of Boys tba
After She Tells Burr She Loves Him in the Movie Theater Parking Lot tba
A Large Pot Used For Cooking Very Slowly tba
All The Things That We Are Not tba
An experiment on a bird in the air pump (after Joseph Wright of Derby) tba
Baby Blues tba
Beef in the Park tba
Blackberries Crumble tba
Bohunk Dekes Left tba
Brown Dog tba
By your side tba
Cryo Genie tba
Cut Glass tba
D Block at the Sacred Heart Maternity Hospital for Women and Newborns tba
Dulwich, 1943 tba
Falling Off the Wagon in Oklahoma tba
Falling tba
Flying high melted more than the beeswax in his wings tba
Four Conditions of the Heart tba
Fractured tba
God is good and loving and all-knowing tba
Her uncle’s potato tba
Housekeeping, 1937 tba
How to make a realistic Paper Rose tba
I love you, go away tba
Ice Cream, You Scream tba
I have no desire to be like Icarus I dream only of flying in the cool bluesky tba
In Blue tba
In the Imaginary Beauty Salons of Afghanistan tba
Intrusion tba
Invasive Species Awareness Week tba
It’s All on the Menu Except What Fills the Ache tba
It’s not big and it’s not clever tba
Magpies tba
November tba
On the third day of the third week of homeschool, Dad stops taking his meds and decides to blow up Bill’s shed tba
On the way to the hospital tba
Qimmiq at the end of the world tba
Quick Little Chat tba
Rory’s Fishing Tackle Shop tba
Searching tba
Singing for Dad tba
Sisters, hand in hand tba
Sunday in the convent school library tba
The End of The Beginning of The End tba
The Road Still Glitters tba
The tweed coat tba
The unexpected weight of ink in a damp city skyscraper tba

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