June 2023 Long List

Twenty-fourth Bath Flash Fiction Award Long List
A Display of Grief Sudha Balagopal
A Lecture on Electricity and the Phantasmagoria Jupiter Jones
A Spoonful of Sugar Jessica Andrews
A wave Deb Waters
Alan Sinclair, 15 Daniel Addercouth
Always Thunder, Never Rain Dale Marie
An Abridged History of Our National Dress Anika Carpenter
Assembly Line Adam Robinson
Autobiography Penny Davis
Becoming Hen Wen Yu Yang
Before Woolton Pie Christine Collinson
Bloody Mildred Marie Day
Brothers Kevin Owen
But I Can Pull Out Your Hair Larissa Thomson
Chocolate-Covered Pretzels Ashley McCurry
Dead Goose, Whilte Pony Linda Irish
Diamonds in the Earth James Montgomery
Do It Yourself Lorna Easterbrook
Double Whammy Shawn Schey
Failure to Thrive Sara Hills
First Fruit Evie Lambert
For Their Own Good We Spy On Our Neighbors Debra Daniel
Foundling Rebecca Lambert
Friday Afternoon at the Mammography Unit Dawn Miller
In Case the Sky Falls In Alison Powell
Malacca Alfie Lee
Mammy’s Funeral Julie Evans
Mandy Opens Up a Late Appointment Janna Miler
Manga Monday Julius Olofsson
Many Happy Returns Andrew Stancek
My boyfriend’s house is full of knives Zoe Meager
My Daughter, the Wolf Therian Pilar Garcia Claramonte
My Slapstick Life Julia Smith
No points for a heartfelt attachment (4) James Ellis
Octopus Hearts Sam Payne
Of Service Sarah Freligh
One for Sorrow Charlotte Talbutt
Pane Michelle Wright
Remembered Yellow William Davidson
Swimming Sue Kingham
The Eclipse Samantha White
The Everyday Spells of Women and Girls Sharon Telfer
The Lumberjack Letty Butler
The Middle of Everything Jack Bedrosian
There was the time the clocks made us luminous Agnes Halvorssen
To All the Copies of Us Noémi Scheiring-Oláh
(To Be Loved By You) Emily Devane
Veni’s Lipstick Shrutidhora P Mohor
Ways to Spell Escape Kate Axeford
We Three Shelley Roche-Jacques

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