Shortlist, 2023 Novella-in-Flash Award

Congratulations to all ten authors who have made our 2023 Novella-in-Flash award shortlist, selected by our judge, John Brantingham.

The winners are now announced.
Below, John writes about the process of selecting the shortlist from the longlist of twenty-six novellas we sent him. So many wonderful novellas to choose from in the longlist and there were many more in the over 100 entries we received. Best wishes to all for future publication and thank you to everyone for entering.

Judging this year’s novella-in-flash contest has been a joy. I’m thrilled to see so many writers doing innovative work. People have been using new and effective approaches to point-of-view, structure, and voice. They are using the form in ways that I had never thought of, and I am gaining a new education on new approaches to flash and the novella-in-flash. I have narrowed the field down to the top ten, but as I’ve been reading, I have been imagining the publishers who would pick these works up and publish them as stand alone books. I am not talking about only the manuscripts in the short list either. The novellas on the longlist all have a special something. If you are included on the longlist, I would suggest submitting to a publisher for your work. If you would like help with that, please reach out to me. I will give whatever help or advice I can.

Novella-in-Flash 2023 Award Short List
Title Author
A Learning Curve Jan Kaneen
A Year in Philadelphia Melissa Rosata
Dancing in the Burning Fields Karen Jones
His Raucous Girls Kim Henderson
Me, I Call Myself Girl Francine Witte
Melba Toasts Copy of the St Albans Register and Seed Co Almanac Electra Rhodes
Not Visiting The SS Great Britain Emma Phillips
Prodigal Anna Wang
The Rupture Gene Jeanette Lowe
The Top Road Fiona McKay

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