February 2023 Short List

Congratulations to all the authors who have made our Award short list.

Twenty-third Bath Flash Fiction Award Short List
A Paper Heart in the Museum of Lost Children Jacky Taylor
Aftermath Fiona McKay
Everything They Said I Would Not Remember about My Heart Surgery Debra A. Daniel
Fissure Richard Hooton
Lakota Widow Kevin Burns
Maria Gasolina and the Pot of Fool’s Gold Ursula Mallows
Market Forces Louie Fooks
Needle Work Christine H. Chen
Pa’s a wonky shopping trolley Kik Lodge
Searching for Grandpa Karen Jones
Sorrow at the School Gate Abigail Williams
Teething Patrick Holloway
The Ace of Spades Sarah Masters
The Astronauts Meet for a Picnic on the First Thursday of Every Month Rachel O’Cleary
The Momma-Shell Billie Giles
The Price of Parmesan Andrea Koohi
The Weather Where You Are William Davidson
Waiting for Beige Michelle Christophorou
Walking to Wollongong Nikki Crutchley
When You Smelled Like Teen Spirit Emma Phillips

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