October 2022 Long List

Congratulations to all the authors who have made our Award long list and huge thanks to all who entered.

Twenty-second Bath Flash Fiction Award Long List
Title Author
A Beachcomber’s Guide to Desert Grief Sara Hills
A Gulp of Swallows, The Wait of Feathers Kate Axeford
A Pair of Shoes Tim Craig
After Portia Andrew Stancek
All our curses swim Zoë Meager
An Exultation of Skylarks Hannah Storm
And if I told you Kathryn Aldridge-Morris
Anthony Lucie Keywhi
Astronavigation Alison Woodhouse
Bad Cookie Sara Maria Greene
Bracelet Nicola Godlieb
Changing Room Naomi Parsons
Crew Alex Reece Abbott
Dandelion Years Jonaki Ray
Dirty Laundry Lily Kuenzler
Dog face Hannah Connors
Elvis is alive and he lives in Belfast Letty Butler
Family Matters Pieter Dewulf
Five Words Bruce Aiken
Fourth Grade Science Lesson, Chickasaw City, Alabama Kathleen Latham
How To Be Hungry Julia Ruth Smith
How to Do Your Job at the Penguin Sanctuary Catherine Ogston
In the Darkest Dark She Takes My Sleep Debra A. Daniel
Instructions To Commit Exile Lorena Escudero
It Wasn’t That the Aliens Were Here That Had Folks On Edge Maria Hardin
Low Pressure System on the Horizon Marie Gethins
McDonald’s Sarah Freligh
My Father Leaves the Hospital Becky Hogge
Netsuke Lorette C. Luzajic
Never-ending Aunt Susie Adventures Sharon Boyle
Nike Kippah Leeor Ohayon
Outside 27 Cromlech Street Mary Francis
Papa’s Wake Adam Trodd
Passerine Kathryn Kulpa
People of the Ravines Olivia Rana
Printer Error Julius Olofsson
Puffin ledge Jeanette Lowe
Saturday afternoon at Silver Blades Jane Salmons
Somewhere Halfway Between Real and Remembered Stephanie Carty
Sunshine Walks Abigail Williams
Thank you for the card with the cartoon bear dressed as a nurse Shelley Roche-Jacques
The fountain pen Anna Hopwood
The Long-term Prognosis for Complex Fractures Jo Withers
The metamorphisis of Evaline Jackson Kathy Hoyle
The Noblest Knight Sarah Matusek
The Possessive Form Noémi Scheiring-Oláh
The Swimming Champion Is At Sea Tania Hershman
traceries Tracey Slaughter
Trespasses Melanie Banim
Wayfinder Cindy Vincent

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