June 2021 Long List

Congratulations to all the authors who have made our Award long list and huge thanks to all who entered.

Eighteenth Bath Flash Fiction Award Long List
Title Author
A moment in aisle 12 Mary Francis
A Roadmap of Womanhod Withdrawn
Across The Street The Old Man Clears Out His House Debra A Daniel
Airport Security Sarah Ann Winn
All The Lonely People Fiona J. Mackintosh
All Wrong Diane Simmons
An Explorer Emma Kentish
Bee Happy Ken Shirley
Being Married to Blake Laurie Marshall
Big Men in Tiny Pants Lucy Lasasso
Big Mouth Maria A. Ioannou
Canary Girl, 1916 Christine Collinson
Cold cases Sophie Goldsworthy
Custodians Lyn Ellis
Everything I Learned I Learned in Vaudeville Molly Lanzarotta
Fine Lines Melissa Bowers
For Love MaxieJane Frazier
Four-Minute Warning Kirsty Seymour-Ure
Genetic Astigmatism Lauren Collett
GOBLIN yips in the attic Rhys Jones
Great Aunt Audrey Isabella Mead
Her Love The String Anne Summerfield
How It All Ends Kate Carne
How Love Works Karen Jones
I’m Not My Father Yet Elena Croitoru
In-joke Lottie Hazell
Incoming Tim Craig
Jumpers Denny Jace
Lemon Bars Chauna Craig
Little Man John Brantingham
Living with AIDS in 1997 M Casseem
Made in America Jayne Martin
New Pages Kristen Loesch
No Words Kathryn Aldridge-Morris
Oh Granny, Leave Me Be Georgiana S Nelsen
Other Husbands M. L. Krishnan
Pirating the Pirates Anne Howkins
Proof Of Life Abigail Barker
Reasons You Married a Woman Called Rose Leonie Rowland
Salad days Nicky Harmson
She Plays Dress Up at My Mother’s House Kathy Hoyle
Showing up at my husband’s girlfriend’s door on a Friday evening when my husband is out of town with his brother for the weekend Madeline Anthes
Skin Over Milk Sara Chansarkar
Strong Like Carp Emma Phillips
Sun, Water, Rain Elizabeth Edelglass
Teaching a Clean Front Kick Keely O’shaughnessy
The Button Wife Dara Elerath
The Shooter’s Moment of Mindfulness Withdrawn
What Could Have Happened Morgan Quinn
Where are the Instructions for the Panasonic Full HD 3D Home Theatre Projector? Catherine Deery

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