Saboteur Awards 2021. Cast Your Votes!

The Saboteur Awards 2021 are open now for voting until April 7th.

During the late summer and Autumn of 2020, our tiny short-short fiction press (just two people running it), Ad Hoc Fiction. published eleven more books and if you have read and enjoyed any that fit into the Saboteur categories, the authors, I am sure, would appreciate your votes. And Ad Hoc Fiction would also love your voting support in the Most Innovative Publisher category. And finally you can vote for the Flash Fiction Festival in the Best Literary Festival Category. The Festival is up and running this year with our series of monthly days, The Great Festival Flash-Off on Zoom, the first one, just gone on March 27th. Thanks. To remind you, there’s a picture gallery of all the relevant books published by Ad Hoc Fiction below.

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We have a lot to choose from in the Novella Category:
Mary Jane Holmes who won the 2020 Novella-in-Flash Award with Don’t Tell The Bees
Tracey Slaughter, a runner up in the 2020 NIF award, with if there is no shelter
Erica Plouffe-Lazure, a runner up in the 2020 NIF award with Sugar Mountain
Alison Woodhouse, specially commended with The House on the Corner
Karen Jones, specially commended with When It’s Not Called Making Love
Louise Watts, specially commended with Something Lost
Eleanor Walsh, specially commended with Stormbred
All published in Autumn, 2020.

For the Short Story Collection category, Ad Hoc Fiction published, one collection in 2020, and two more this year.
This Alone Could Save Us by Santino Prinzi, July, 2020
The Yet Unknowing World by Fiona J Mackintosh, March 2021
Gaps in the Light by Iona Winter, March 2021

For the anthology category Ad Hoc Fiction published:
Restore to Factory Settings, Vol 5 Bath Flash Fiction, November 2020.

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