Novella-in-Flash 2021 Award Long List

Congratulations to all the authors who have made our Award long list and huge thanks to all who entered.

Novella-in-Flash 2021 Award Long List
Title Author
A Family Of Great Falls Debra Daniel
A Further Education Steven John
A Good Match Diane Simmons
Blue Jeanette Sheppard
Brotherhood Fatherhood Marianne Rogoff
Couplet Victoria Richards
Fishing Lines JeanetteLowe
Fragments Of Madness And Sanity Jan Kaneen
Hairy On The Inside Tracy Fells
His Raucous Girls Kim Henderson
Kipris Michelle Christophorou
Long Bend Shallows Bronwen Griffiths
One For The River Tom O’Brien
Remembering What The Dormouse Said Sarah Mosedale
Season Of Bright Sorrow David Swann
Small Things Hannah Sutherland
Suffer/Rage Adele Evershed
The Death And Life Of Mrs Parker Jupiter Jones
The End Of History? Jenny Woodhouse
The Last Days Of The Union David Rhymes
The Listening Project Ali Mcgrane
The Tony Bone Stories Al Kratz
Things I Can’t Tell Amma Sudha Balagopal
Throw A Seven Nod Ghosh
Wild Boys Rita Ciresi

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