October 2020 Long List

Congratulations to all the authors who have made our Award long list and huge thanks to all who entered.

Sixteenth Bath Flash Fiction Award Long List
Title Author
A Game of Toes Judy Koot
A Grand Romantic Gesture Krishan Coupland
A Horse on the Roof and Other Stories Simon Cowdroy
A Life Seen Through Broken Glass Rebecca kelly
A Linguistic Theory of Bats Hannah Storm
A Teachable Moment Robert Powers
Aeromancy Nicola Godlieb
Alphabets of War Annie Syed
Any fule kno, men chat shit Audrey Niven
Bad Blood Alison Woodhouse
Blessings, 1849 Johanna Robinson
Crab Skeletons Linda Grierson-Irish
Cracker Sally Pearson
Dancing Diane Simmons
Dancing still Mark Ralph-Bowman
David Fell Gavin Weale
Easy Prey Michelle Hemstedt
Full spider Hazel Osmond
Geological Time Barbara Black
Happy Birthday, Uncle Frank Mike Kilgannon
Hyla Smiles Bruce Meyer
In my dreams, we meet at the opera Damhnait Monaghan
Kit Jay Gilbert
Look Both Ways Kirsten Mosher
Make-up Debra Waters
Monsters Like Us Tracy Fells
Mother, Before Tara Isabel Zambrano
Not Him Emily Howes
One Day It Will All Bubble Over Danny Beusch
Our fathers, who we have strewn like seaweed behind us Alison Powell
Roommates Nina Valentine
Seven Die In Borstal Fire Valerie Cutko
Shortage Alyson Porter
Ski In/Ski Out Nancy Ludmerer
Small Glass Jars Melissa Bowers
Street Life Anita Goodfellow
The Cards Emma Kentish
The Last Tango… with my ovaries Donna MacDonald
The Piano Burning Ríbh Brownlee
The Promise of Snow Rae Cowie
The reallocation of a child’s atoms Jim Toal
The Tent Bernadette Stott
The Tree of Knowledge: A Beginner’s Guide to Telling Lies Karen Jones
The Value of Stilt Walking Catherine Ogston
The War on Dreams Patrick Eades
The White Dwarf Jan Kaneen
Togashi-san Charlie Jones
Trains of Thought Kevin Sandefur
Water Stewart Arnold
You Will Start From Here Rose Collins

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