June 2020 Long List

Congratulations to all the authors who have made our Award long list and huge thanks to all who entered.

Fifteenth Bath Flash Fiction Award Long List
Title Author
70th, Down the Anchor and Hope Nicola Godlieb
After the Raid Morgan Davies
Apagón 1992 María Alejandra Barrios Vélez
Barbershop Duet Lydia Clark
Because Mama Loves You Niki Mottahedan
Bread of Heaven J A Keogh
Brighton Pierrot Anne Summerfield
Cake for Breakfast Charlotte Fong
Chicken Fat Shannon Savvas
Comic Confinement Jayne Morley
Conchie Faces the Squad Matt Kendrick
Cool Cold Alex Reece Abbott
Daughter Elena Croitoru
Davy the Cosmic Warrior M D Laurie
Dawn On The River At Benares CM Davis
Delivery Amy Barnes
Dumped Michael Mcloughlin
Dust Michelle North-Coombes
Friendship in Starbuck’s Jenny Cozens
Giving Up Emma Kentish
How I summoned a monster Kate Lee
How to Light a Coal Fire Gillian O’Shaughnessy
How to Raise a Tamagotchi Leonie Rowland
How We Eat Christopher Allen
[Insert title here], a novel Johanna Robinson
Loosened Objects Anika Carpenter
Melanoma Geoff Lavender
Morendo Wendy Turbin
Mortality Stephen Daultrey
Not Now, Universe Emily Harrison
People in Common Victoria Stewart
Pizza in a lockdown Jamie D Stacey
Probably Nothing Elaine Mead
Raisin Days Carol Stone
Red Ochre Rising Dettra Rose
Rwanda 1994 Marissa Hoffmann
Sea Change Fiona Perry
Swings & Roundabouts Stephen J Vowles
Tainted Pink Lyn Ellis
Tall Smiles and Kitten Heels Karen Jones
The Horse Wife E. E. Rhodes
The Man You Didn’t Marry Sam Payne
The Price of Gingerbread Stephanie Carty
The species of pangolin compromise their own order: Pholidota. Hannah Storm
The Tourist Benjamin Joseph
The Whole Bird Vance Cariaga
The wife of the tree shaker Iona Winter
Walking In The Beautiful Chinese Laboratory Dream Niamh MacCabe
When Gravity Gets Out of Bed at Midnight Anne Howkins
Will this be on the test? Kristina Sepetys

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