February 2019 Short List

Congratulations to all the authors who have made our Award short list.

Eleventh Bath Flash Fiction Award Short List
Title Author
A Body Remembers Rachael Dunlop
A Father’s Son Philip Webb Gregg
A Kind God Jesse Sensibar
A Silver Cross Geraldine Keery
Candy Girls Christina Dalcher
Egg Cartons Susannah Guerrero
Fingers Jonathan Saint
Flammable Material Dettra Rose
Her Safe Word Is ‘Circus’ Sharon Telfer
Ingredients For Grief Scott-Patrick Mitchell
Layers Emma Kernahan
Metamorphosis Alison Woodhouse
Mile Zero Giacomina Laura Sheridan
Snow Falling Upwards Fiona J. Mackintosh
Sty Kit Maude
Sunday Crossword: These Three-Sided Polygons Trap Lovers (9 Letters) Lavanya Vasudevan
The Offer Tania Hershman
Things Only Birds Know Karen Jones
West Of You Julie Martis
Women Get Hungry Sara Hills

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