February 2018 Long List

Congratulations to all the authors who have made our Award long list and many thanks to all who entered.

Eighth Bath Flash Fiction Award Long List
Title Author
A Dignified Departure Joanna Campbell
Adolescence Paul Croucher
Ash Tide Eileen Merriman
Ashes To Ashes Sherri Turner
Aspects Of My Father Stephanie Hutton
Bank Job Paul Croucher
Behind Her Eyelids Jane Westwell
Bird Of Prey Adam Lock
Birds In The Thames Rebecca Higgie
Birthright Dorothy Rice
Charmed Leonora Desar
Compact Tracey Slaughter
Erratic Ant Rayna Haralambieva
Fallen Angel Bronwen Griffiths
Forgotten Dreams Remembered Teeth Nick Petty
Forked Tongue Matthew Osmond
Ghost Nets Melissa Jacob
Half Seen Lucy Beevor
Hospital Visit Alyson Soko
Humantraffic Genevieve Young
Just Perfect Diane Simmons
Mine Caroline Murphy
Most Muslims Are Good People Sophie Wilson
Near Misses Eve Smith
On A Sad Disease Lorenzo Santangeli
Pól John Murphy
Polar Bear Hunting In The Arctic Terry Holland
Satin Nightwear For Women Irregular Elisabeth Ingram Wallace
Shadowy Third Caron Freeborn
Shenanigans Rachael Dunlop
Swarm Kate Gehan
The Best Reasons Tracey Slaughter
The Four Seasons Rosamund Davies
The Gap David Rhymes
The Hallway Hila Shachar
The Pink Kirsty Seymour-Ure
The Rights To The City Farhana Khalique
The Tell Tale Thumbs Lynsey White
The Way It Sounds Amanda O’Callaghan
Then I Remember Elena Croitoru
There Went Out A Decree From Caesar Augustus Caroline Greene
They Huddle And Fang Elisabeth Ingram Wallace
Things Left And Found By The Side Of The Road Jo Gatford
Tigers In The Mist Damien Hicks
TransAtlantica Neil Clark
Tropicality Mark Sutz
Wet Leaves Mary J. Breen
When The Children Came Jason Jackson
When The Rubber Hits The Road Lee Nash
Why Shit Is Still Like This Around Here And Probably Always Will Be Molia Dumbleton

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