Our New Anthologies
Travelling the World

You can buy our anthologies, The Lobsters Run Free: Bath Flash Fiction Volume Two and Flash Fiction Festival One, both published by Ad Hoc Fiction, from the new online bookshop.

The Lobsters Run Free contains 135 stories – the winning and listed entrants from the 2017 Bath Flash Fiction Awards. The 74 stories in the Festival Anthology are written by presenters and participants at the first ever literary festival dedicated to Flash Fiction, held in Bath in 2017.

Since publication in early December, the books have travelled the world.

Catherine Higgins-Moore lives in New York and shows us a New York city background for her copy of The Lobsters Run Free. She was short listed in the February 2017 round of Bath Flash Award with her story, ‘Holy Cross’.

Anna Geary-Meyer’s story ‘The Lobsters Run Free’, gave us the title for the book and inspired the cover design. Her story is the final one in the book, and is shown here in Berlin where Anna lives.

Louise Mangos came over from Switzerland for the festival last June and her story, ‘Saturation Point’ appears in Flash Fiction Festival One, having been prompted by Tania Hershman’s workshop, ‘Flashing Scientifically.’ Here’s her copy of the anthology with an alpine background.

Nod Ghosh won second prize in the June Award with ‘The Cool Box’, and here’s The Lobster’s Run Free with New Zealand hills in the background.

With a picture of the famous Royal Crescent in Bath in the background, here are Diane Simmons’ copies of both anthologies on a park bench. ‘Finding a Way’ is in Flash Fiction Festival One and her short listed story, from the October round of the Award, ‘Six Months Yesterday’, can be found in Bath Flash Fiction Volume Two.

Rose McDonagh won first prize with ‘Pony’ in the October round of Bath Flash Fiction. She’s taken a photograph of The Lobster’s Run Free with Grey Friars’ Bobby, in Edinburgh, where she lives.

Debbi Voisey took a photograph of Arnold Bennett in Stoke-on-Trent, with her copy of Flash Fiction Festival One in his arms. Her story, ‘Dirty’ lies within its pages.

The launch of both anthologies is taking place on Saturday 27th January in Bath. More pictures of the event, the authors reading, and the books, coming soon.

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