To Carry Her Home
Bath Flash Fiction Volume One

You can now buy To Carry Her Home, Bath Flash Fiction Volume One, designed and published by Ad Hoc Fiction, from this site. It’s a beautifully laid out book, with a striking cover, printed on quality paper and containing 145 fictions of 300 words or less from the first four rounds of the Bath Flash Fiction Award. These contests were judged by authors Annemarie Neary, Tania Hershman, Michelle Elvy and Robert Vaughan and the first twenty-one flash fictions are all the winning and commended pieces. The other 124 stories are a selection of the short listed and long listed pieces from the four rounds arranged in an order we thought worked well. There are 125 authors represented, from eleven different countries – some have more than one flash fiction in the book – a wonderful range of styles and themes. Something for everyone, and a book to read and come back to.

Robert Vaughan, our October 2016 judge, wrote the back cover piece and we used the title of the last story in the volume ‘To Carry Her Home,’ by Christopher Allen as the title of the anthology. We think the last line of his piece ends the anthology very well. The stories are rich in meaning, carry a lot of weight and resonant long after reading.

All our contributing authors and judges have now been sent a free copy of the anthology – a prize for being long listed. We’ve already had some lovely comments about the way the book looks and the stunning collection of flash within its covers. It’s the first time writers have been able to read more than the title of the stories by fellow flash fictioneers on the long-lists and they’ve said that they love being in such great company.

We hope you’d like to buy a copy and add your comments. Reviews on your blogs and elsewhere would be very much appreciated. We’ll be producing another anthology at the end of this year. Already, most of the long listed authors from the February round have agreed to publication, so we’re looking forward already to another fascinating collection.

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