February 2017 Award Long List

Congratulations to all who made it through to our long list, and huge thanks to everyone who entered from all around the globe.

Fifth Bath Flash Fiction Award Long List
A Bit About Myself Tracy Speakman
A Living Room Christopher Allen
Afterimage Madeline Anthes
Airport Miracles Rosemary Sokolov
Black Shuck Henry Peplow
Bodies Alice Pegler
Bring A Dish Tara Cartland
Burning Kate Downes
Carry On Kate Carne
Casey, A Tattoo Melissa Goode
Cowboy Plumbing Paul Croucher
Cuckoo Bonsai ML Rousseau-Thomas
Cups Barbara Mogerley
Dark Light Judi Walsh
Death Of A Made-Up Man James Emmett
Electrics Poppy O’Neill
Five Hundred Bucks Says You’ll Do It Joanna Matthews
Flabberjacks KM Elkes
Have Your Cake Alison Powell
Holy Cross Catherine Higgins-Moore
Hookah Bar Mak Hashi
I Spy A Boy Mark Allerton
Key Findings Lisa Ferranti
Lead By The Dark Knight Mishmi Takin
Love Is Like A Car Nicky Forrest
Manganese Emma Zetterström
Miracles For The Modern World Allegra Hyde
Muchacho Joe Eurell
My Name Is Frank Brindley Rupert Dastur
My Thirty-Eight Step Korean Cleansing Routine Elisabeth Ingram Wallace
Paperweight Steven Clara
Past Perfect John Wilks
Perfect Rice William Davidson
Piss Pants Iona Winter
Reading The Signs Frankie McMillan
She Was Not Scared Monica Valcarcel-Saez
The Hand That Wields The Priest Emily Devane
The Lobsters Run Free Anna Geary-Meyer
The Peculiar Trajectory Of Space Objects Nicholas Cook
The Perfect Steak Travis Mckenzie
The Photograph Bridge Blankley
The Size Of Your Life Catherine Edmunds
These Boots Of Ours Christina Villafaña Dalcher
To The Woman Who Saved My Life Freya Morris
Traffic Lights Kim French
Train To The Mountains Matthew Roy Davey
Treading Water Linda Irish
Veganuary Santino Prinzi
Walking Into Lamp Posts Aisha Phoenix
Wild Child Nancy Ludmerer


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