October 2016 Award Long List

Congratulations to all who made it through to our long list, and huge thanks to everyone who entered from all around the globe.

Fourth Bath Flash Fiction Award Long List
Fiction Title Author
A man rakes ash from Sally Davis
Alien Fiona J. Mackintosh
Bouncy Castles Jasmine Harper
Boy Who Could Fly Paul Croucher
Carapace KM Elkes
Dublin Conor Houghton
Eggshell James Mitchell
Guts For Garters Poppy Peacock
Last Dog Caroline Reid
Life Buoy Claire Fuller
Lolling Head Alison Wray
Long Distance Sophia Kier-Byfield
Motel Road Trip Honeymoon Postcards Sharon Telfer
My, my, my, apocalypse Jake Tallon
New America at Midnight Luke Timmins
Occasionally TM Upchurch
One in Twenty-three Helen Rye
I was paralysed by a pork chop Elisabeth Ingram Wallace
Peach Man Joan Leotta
Planet Earth Jo Glen
Relative Outcomes Taria Karillion
Ringer Anne Weisgerber
Rules Alex Reece Abbott
Sharp stars Zoe Meager
Some Things Happen Twice Nancy Ludmerer
Ten Bucks Used To Buy You A Lot Alex Reece Abbott
The Babuskhas Frankie McMillan
The Brain Jonathan Cardew
The Editor Scott Wilson
The Hourglass Descent Gillian Walker
The Last Word Anne Petrie
The Model Bakery Michelle Elvy
The paralysis of verbs Alison Powell
The Perfect Fall Christopher M Drew
They Came to Pray Lisa K Buchanan
Thimbles Catherine Edmunds
Things Go Off Quickly Gareth Fox
To Carry Her Home Christopher Allen
Two Old Friends Dry Cacao Beans Lucia Damacela
Two Penny Falls Lisa Craig
Victim Aware Pauline Brown
Walking Mindfully Ruth McConnell
Whale Shark Michelle Elvy
What Butch Says Tania Hershman
Where it is minus forty-four degrees Celsius Melissa Goode
White Matter Julianna Holland
You are allowed to be OK Natalie Poyser
You Started It Steve Moss
Your number is up Freya Morris
Zitka Andrew Stancek


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