February 2016 Award Short List

Second Bath Flash Fiction Award Short List
Fiction Title Author
And The Sea Rolls On Emily Devane
Backroads Michael Wheaton
Billy Clodagh O’Brien
First catch your hare Sharon Telfer
Five Months Charmaine Wilkerson
Heart of Oak, Body of a Man Kerry Hood
If We Could Dig To China Amber Lee Dodd
My father, who ate a tree KM Elkes
One two three, two two three Jilna Shukla
Roll and Curl Ingrid Jendrzejewski
Shadowtrain Peter Blair
Teacher Keeley Mansfield
The Gift Jeanette Lowe
The love I feel in my belly Joanna Matthews
The Old Man and his Wife Rupert Dastur
Thinking about Jessica Scott Wilson
Waking The House Of Feathers Kerry Hood
What he said about the war Samuel Dodson
Words is words is words Tess Adams
You Have So Many More Choices than Fight or Flight Al Kratz


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