Membership Explained

Editor’s Note

We no longer run membership for reasons explained here. This page simply remains to give a historical context to the development of our Award.

Membership is a good option for submitting multiple entries. At £5.00 for three months, members can submit an unlimited number of entries for £4.00 each. Membership can also be used to spread the cost of a single first entry between two smaller payments.

Membership reduces the cost of multiple entries

Since membership costs £5 and allows an unlimited number of entries at £4.00 each, the more entries a member makes, the less the total cost per entry. The table shows the savings.

Member cost per entry according to number of entries
Number of Entries The Maths Cost per Entry
One Entry (5+4)/1 £9.00
Two Entries (5+4+4)/2 £6.50 each
Three Entries (5+4+4+4)/3 £5.67 each
Four Entries (5+4+4+4+4)/4 £5.25 each

Membership splits the cost of a single entry

Since the £5 membership lasts for three months, a member can wait a period of time before making a first entry. In effect, the cost of a single £9 standard entry is split in two parts; a £5 membership payment followed by a £4 entry fee up to three months later.

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